Deposit for cigarettes

It’s bad enough people smoke. But it’s their choice. I can even tolerate the second-hand smoke; after all there are other things that are more likely to cause cancer, like pesticide residues in the my daily 2 cups of tea.
But when smokers litter the world with their cigarette butts, that . . ticks . . me . . . off.

(I can’t stand litter bugs as it is.) People dropping their butts on the sidewalk and stubbing it out with their feet, before they go back into the office. I get road rage when I see drivers nonchalantly toss their smoke butts out the window.

Two Saturdays ago, Joe and I spent the morning picking up trash, as part of the annual California Coastal Cleanup Day. Empty chip bags and drink boxes are easy to spot and pick up. Tiny cigarette butts are so much harder to grab. Most of the volunteers just passed over them.

My idea: A deposit should be charged on cigarette butts, like there is for beer bottles and soda cans. This might reduce litter. Smokers might think twice about tossing their butts willy-nilly; they might even save them to collect their deposit back. And for the ones that aren’t redeeemed, hey the revenue could be used for a lot of other things.


One thought on “Deposit for cigarettes

  1. As i understand it, cigarette butts are mostly filter. The smokers get to breathe filtered cigarette smoke, while you and i get to breathe the unfiltered pollutants!! I think a better idea would be to get rid of the filters on the end of the cigarettes and make people us cigarette holders so that they burn most of it. Either that or we licence hunters for an open season on smokers and use the licence revenue to hire people (graydavis?) to pick up the butts.

    btw, is there a prize for the first poster? it better not be fishheads.


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