BFP: Before food processors

I made an almond poundcake for the first time last night. It called for a food processor to pulse the almond paste, sugar and butter. I just have a manual five-finger model, and used that instead. The cake came out darker and heavier than I expect of pound cake. (But it still tasted decent.) Is it because I didn’t use a food processor?

Pound cake has been around longer than food-processors. What equipment did people use before Cuisinart?


3 thoughts on “BFP: Before food processors

  1. Perhaps using a Cuisinart introduces air bubbles into the mix? Or perhaps you mixed it too much. When I make merainge (sp?), I can spoil it by over mixing and collapsing the air bubbles. On the other hand, I don’t think bubbles are a major part of pound cake which I expect to have a certain density. You know Celia, I’m going to side with Occam and say that either the oven temperature was too high or you cooked it slightly too long.

    just throwing in my two teaspoons…

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