Weddings: Slumming between the ceremony and reception

Just got back from a wedding in LA over the weekend. In the three hours between the ceremony and the reception, we hung out at Chicago Ribs, because one of the fellow guests was a big Cubs fan and wanted to watch the playoff game. There is something mischievously delicious about chugging beer and licking BBQ sauce off your fingers while

the bride and groom are probably suffering through a formal photo shoot.

San Diego: We have a great snapshot of the ex-Nortel girls, dressed up in casually elegant dresses for Loanne and Wayne’s wedding earlier that morning. They’re kicking up the sand in rockette synchronization . . . wearing rubbah-slippahs on their feet, brand new from the Hotel del Coronado giftshop. A steal at $2.99 a pair.

Three of my Chung aunts got married at the Northbrae Community Church in Berkeley, most recently Aunt Baoswan in 1978. (It’s so non-denominational, Buddha, Confucius and Mahatma Gandhi are featured on the stained glass windows). After Aunt Baoswan’s ceremony, Uncle Wing took a horde of little Chungs on a walk through the UC Berkeley campus. We passed by a building with animal imprints surrounded by a grassy slope, and then ended up getting hot chocolate from a wood frame café. Ten years later as a freshman at Cal, I recognized the Life Sciences Building and Café Strada.

For afternoon weddings at Stanford, the bare-bones Taqueria La Bamba in Mountain View is a good stop after the ceremony. The pupusas are cheap and great for tiding you over if the reception following is going to be a Chinese banquet . . . on Chinese time.

Sports are a memorable activity on mornings-of-Chung-weddings. 1984 LA Olympics: 20 Chung cousins (college through kindergarten age) woke up and went to play volleyball in a church lot in Arcadia one morning. That afternoon we went back to the same church, freshly-showered and soberly dressed for Vivienne’s wedding ceremony.

My cousin Keelan actually played in the football game on the morning of his own wedding. (He showed up to church physically intact.) Watching the game, my cousin Yan asked her three year-old daughter San-San, “Which of the ‘uncles’ playing football do you think is the most handsome?’ San-San pointed out Joe.
My niece may be young, but she’s got discerning taste.


One thought on “Weddings: Slumming between the ceremony and reception

  1. I heard about the “interesting” folks at your dinner table for the wedding 🙂 I love the memories and stories which are left to tell after a wedding! The highlight of ours was that the ringbearer fell into the “murky, seaweed filled, duckpond” (Before the photo shoot) 🙂 Alas, all was fine!

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