Tips for fun and efficient voting:

You know there’s still a November 2003 election coming up . . .

1) Apply for an absentee ballot, for the luxury of reading up on the issues and making your selections in the unhurried comfort of your own home.
2) Doing an absentee ballot allows you to save time standing in line. Yesterday morning, the queue was already out the door at 8 AM at my polling place.
3) To save postage: take your sealed ballot and drop it off at your polling place on election day. (That is the place that you would have gone to vote had you not done an absentee ballot.) They WILL take your absentee ballots. Extra points, if you can also bring the absentee ballots of other household members to drop off at the polling place. Make sure you get the relevant signatures on the envelope beforehand.
4) Visiting your polling place on election day also makes you feel more like a true participant in the American democratic process, more so than merely mailing in your absentee ballot. Plus the polling place workers might still give you an “I voted” sticker anyway. Just like getting a lollipop after a visit to the doctor.

* * * * * * * * * *
Pet Peeve in the October 7 election: I could not find an official website that listed which candidates were still in the running. I wouldn’t have wanted to waste my vote on a candidate who had withdrawn. What if I didn’t read the newspaper and didn’t find out that my favourite candidate had dropped out!?

* * * * * * * * * *
I have so much more respect for Sylvester Stallone now . . .


One thought on “Tips for fun and efficient voting:

  1. Regarding dropping off absentee ballots for others — I’m not sure if you can do this for anyone other than a spouse or a relative. However, t’s been a long time since I was a polling inspector and things might have changed.


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