My cousin in LA just started selling refurbished pianos. Check it out at http://www.pacificpianos.com We visited his business a couple of weeks ago. It’s pretty neat to see the keys and internal parts from a disemboweled piano laid out.

Like many others, I once took piano lessons. When I was 4, I would often pretend to play, on the coffee table, because it seemed so cool. After we moved to Bangkok, I took up piano lessons with my cousins who had already started. But I quit after a year.

I didn’t like going to my cousins’ place to practice on their piano, so I would only practice the hour before our weekly lessons.

Getting a piano just for me would not have been worth the grand investment. Beside it would have taken up too much space in our flat. Today I regret not having continued formal music education, I think it would help me appreciate classical music more. We didn’t think of it at the time, but perhaps I could have taken up violin or clarinet instead.

So my question is: why is it so many people take up piano lessons? A piano is big and bulky, and not cheap. Everyone in your household is subject to your practicing: you have to play it where it’s parked. If you took up a smaller, more portable instrument, you could practice indoors or outside, in a park, or under a bridge (cool echoey sound effects). You might even collect tips. In a pinch, you could pawn it.


One thought on “Piano

  1. i always wanted to play the piano, but i was forced at gunpoint to play the violin for 7 straight years. if i would have been allowed to play the piano, i probably would have won the Nobel Prize in Music and Mathematics by now…


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