At lunch with my colleagues yesterday: two of them mentioned how they liked oatmeal, “but it takes too long to cook.” “How long?”. “Fifteen minutes.”

It’s sad that fifteen minutes is too long of time to make a breakfast you like.

Not to fret, there’s envelopes of oatmeal: you can pour the contents into a mug of hot water, mix and hey presto! have oatmeal. Then you have to wash the mug. Too many steps involved? There’s oatmeal in a plastic cup that you can microwave and ‘ting!’ eat right out of the cup, and toss away the cup afterwards. No fuss, no muss.

Convenience foods are just silly. They are more highly processed, containing more ingredients that you would normally put in from-scratch oatmeal Do you add a pinch of guar gum to your oatmeal?) There’s more packaging (more resources used up, and more waste to dispose of.) And the cost per serving (based on safeway.com) . . . .

Old fashioned oatmeal: $0.23
Envelope oatmeal: $0.25
Microwave cup oatmeal: $0.99

How much money, packaging and nutritional lagniappe is it really worth to save fourteen minutes and some dishwashing?


One thought on “Oatmeal

  1. There’s nothing forcing them to cook the conventional oats in a conventional stove. Have they thought of using the microwave?

    I know, the portions arent pre-measured and there’s not the daily supply of dispoable cups. Tough world we live in.

    14 minutes of convenience to cram 14 minutes of some other form of inconvenience. What are we really buying here, not that the sellers care.

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