Addressing Xmas cards

I’ve been working on sending out Christmas cards this past week. Many people we send cards to have kids born in the past few years. Since we hardly see them, it’s hard to remember what the kids’ names are. Compounded by the fact that many of the kids have the same name (three named Emily), or have unusual first names (Kitzia? Kyria?), or have androgynous-sounding names (Sydney) and you can see it’s a challege to keep them all straight. Not to mention the spelling. To my friends and family, I apologise if I mangled the names on your card.


2 thoughts on “Addressing Xmas cards

  1. Yeah, but what about your 29 year old cousins who you’ve known for . . .well, 29 years and who attended the same university as you did? Is it too difficult to remember “one r in Terence”?

    Hahaha. Happy Holidays.

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