Lagniappe 2002-3

1. If you leave me now CHICAGO The Casa Bonita episode of South Park, where Butters sings this to console himself. “Oo-oo oo oo-oo . . .”
2. One love BLUE A boyband song, heavy airtime in SE Asia when we were there.
3. Voltei Amor MOCOTO TRIO It pays to buy a CD based on its cover.
4. Mambo Miam Miam SERGE GAINSBOURG Why not?
5. Fried Rice Paradise DICK LEE Actually, Chicken Rice is the national dish of Singapore.
6. Dreams FAYE WONG Chungking Express Soundtrack, a Cranberries cover:My favourite Wong Kar-Wai movie: it features Chungking Mansions and the Mid-Levels Escalator: two of Hong Kong’s most under-rated attractions.
7. Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham LATA MANGESHKAR A typical over-the-top gorgeous-looking Bollywood number.
8. The tower VIENNA TENG She used to sing at the Global Village (a fusion restaurant in Mountain View). Apparently she quit her day job to sing professionally. I wonder if she has siblings named Prague or Budapest?
9. Success LORETTA LYNN Soundtrack to our bumpy Karakoram Hwy drive between Kashgar and Lake Karakul.
10. All of me LARRY CHING Larry was one of the stars at the Forbidden City, a famous nightclub in SF Chinatown 50 years ago . . . where all the performers were Asian. He recorded this first album “Until the End of Time”, produced by Ben Fong-Torres, in in February 2003. He passed away five months later. For more on the Forbidden City, see Arthur Dong’s documentary, “Forbidden City USA”.
11. Chega de saudade MORELBAUM2/SAKAMOTO “My voice is all hoarse from the playa dust,” said the girl in the Jazz Club by Center Camp. No matter…..
12. Lullaby in Birdland DEEDEE BRIDGEWATER
13. Michelangelo ASTOR PIAZZOLLA Lagniappes are incomplete without Piazzolla.
14. Won’t you be my neighbor? FRED ROGERS Homage to: Mr. Rogers, and four faculty giants of Cal: Chang-Lin Tien, T.Y. Lin, Clark Kerr and Mark Christensen.
15. The Ketchup Song LAS KETCHUP Heard everywhere on this trip. Please buy more Heinz ketchup.
16. La tierra del olivido ACUARELA – EN ABRIL We heard this band playing at the Puerta del Sol (Madrid’s equivalent of the Powell St. Cable Car Turnaround), hawking their own CDs.
17. Glad I’m not a Kennedy SHONA LAING Joe didn’t have to go to Cape Cod, but Celia did.
18. Pla Thong MOTE A one-sided conversation with a gold fish.
19. Stupid Mistake GARETH GATES A fruity cheesey end.


One thought on “Lagniappe 2002-3

  1. Again, quite an eclectic mix of songs. Did you and Joe split duties on choosing tracks? The one that struck a chord was “Won’t you be my neighbor.” Growing up in a one channel town, if you wanted to watch tv and Mr. Rogers was on…well, you watched Mr. Rogers.

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