Changing lightbulbs

How many emails does it take to set up a lunch date amongst three?

19 emails. Over three days. No wonder my social life has dried up.

Shall we take bets on who will be the one to call in on their cell phone, “I’m on the freeway off-ramp!” 25 minutes past the appointed time…


One thought on “Changing lightbulbs

  1. Simple! You must not have taken “Business 1a” at Cal. You can confirm this with Cathy Boggs, as I’m sure she has taken the class.

    m = emails to set-up lunch date
    p = number of people going to lunch

    m = p^p – (p-1)^p

    p=1, m=1
    p=2, m=3
    p=3, m=19
    p=4, m=175
    p=5, m=2101
    p=6, m=31031

    Good thing the entire office didn’t decide to join you!!


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