Mueslix and Getafix

We went to visit the PEZ museum in Burlingame last November. Along with PEZ dispensers with famous American cartoon characters such as Peanuts, they also have sets of Asterix characters: Asterix, Obelix, a Roman soldier, Vitalstatistix, and . . . Mueslix.

Who’s Mueslix?

I looked a little closer, and it was actually the druid known (in British versions of Asterix comics) as Getafix. Apparently, in American versions, they changed the name to Mueslix, because of all the substance abuse implications of the term “Getafix.” Of course this druid’s claim to fame is making the magic potion that bestows superhuman strength!

A lot of Japanese cartoon characters have very different names in Chinese, but maybe it was due to the difficulty in transliterating foreign names into Chinese. Doraemon becomes Ding Dong. Arare is Little Cloud. Dr. Slump is Professor IQ. In Thailand, the characters kept their Japanese names. For me, it was easier to keep track and understand the Thai dub versions than the Cantonese.

(Don’t even ask what we call Napoleon or Tchaikovsky in Cantonese. I told my Thai friend once, and she couldn’t stop laughing,)


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