Pinata/ Bands reunited

Avoid buying a pinata of a loved character, to avoid traumatizing kids. If your kid is a die-hard Star Wars fan, get the pinata of Darth Vader, not the Ewok or R2D2. The concept of bashing up something he/she cares about just to get some candy is very bewildering.

A couple of weeks ago, I was stuck at home sick for a few days and watched unprecedented hours, no, days of TV. VH1’s “Bands Reunited” is a very engaging reality show where Aamer Haleem (the host) goes around tracking down members of bands that have split up, and tries to presuade them to get togther and reunite for a one gig. It’s refreshing that instead of exploiting the animosity between the subjects (like on “Survivor”) to create drama, this show draws its dramatic elements from reconciling former friends. Mr. Haleem comes across as very low-key, but it works as he taxes all his diplomatic skills in negotiating across fields of emotional land-mines.

One thought on “Pinata/ Bands reunited

  1. Uhh… you must be drawing your lesson from Katelyn’s birthday party! It was an impulsive and thoughtless buy on my part.

    Her trauma transformed into a form of aggression a few days after her party. She wanted to clobber Nemo whenever she sees anything that resemble a clown fish.

    Luckily, she’s forgotten all about it now!

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