Dangit! I typed up a whole long entry and just lost it. Not since the Internet cafe in Bishkek have I lost such a lengthy piece of writing! @#&$

Anyways: it was about (1) being published (on (2) a book on Hsuan Tang’s real journey on the Silk Road (as opposed to the novel ‘Journey to the West.’) and (3) I’m so sad about what’s happening in Haiti. I’m not going to write it all up again. Except to say:

Where the hell does Bush get off saying “Haitian refugees will turned back from our shores”?!

Went to see Smuin Ballet’s “Tango Palace” tonight. T’was good, but tango doesn’t look as good executed by skinny, athletic, bony ballet-types. There needs to be some voluptuousness, some good steak-fed flesh on the dancers for tango to sizzle in performance.


One thought on “crashing

  1. ya’see Celia, you have to use the WHOLE quote:

    Shrub: “Haitian refugees will turned back from our shores … but Haitian energy executives will be invited to a $50,000 plate fund raiser. The transcripts of which will be immediately classified as top secret and exempt under executive privilege. Y’all.”
    You see: conservative compassion does work!!



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