So busy I’m goofing off

You get to a point where you have so many fires on your to-do list, all you can do is bury it under a pile of old to-do lists, surface for air and go talk to someone two cubes over that you haven’t talked to in three days, and tell them about the new Indian restaurant in the mall that serves desi Chinese food.

I WAS supposed to go swimming right now, but I’m still cruising on my laurels of having biked 50 miles on the the Blossom Trail, day-hiked AND snow-shoed in Yosemite over the weekend. As well as walking miles in Cupertino site surveys for the bike rack project for work (Great excuse to go out and enjoy the weather).

Snow-shoeing: It’s always fun to try something new, and do well at it. Helps if it’s easy of course. (Our first attempts to learn skiing, and snowboarding had us going down in flames, well, in the snow more like it. And that was quite a few years ago, before the bones started creaking.) Even though all the hostel had left to rent us were child-sized snow shoes, we did OK. “Oh yeah, you can strap tennies onto them”. Unfortunately mine were these cheap knockoff converse sneakers, and after two hours, the backs of my heels were bleeding.

But it was great anyway, in the sunshine, on the snow, with no one about and seeing sequoias (for me another first!) in Tuolumne Grove. Forgot to make snow angels and snowmen though.

Yosemite is great this time of year, because the waterfalls are flowing from the snowmelt. Apparently in the summer, they dry up.

The Blossom Trail, down in the area east of Fresno (where most of the vendors at my local farmer’s market hail from) is more of driving than biking trail, but still, it was beautiful to see real fruit trees in bloom, pink and white RIGHT NOW. Almonds, nectarines, plums, stuff you can eat, as opposed to the ornamentals you see in the parking lots around here. They’re pollinated by boxes of bees brought in specifically, so we were a bit leery of geting stung.

Surprisingly I wasn’t as sore as I expected to be after all that . . .


One thought on “So busy I’m goofing off

  1. You would probably like snowshoe softball then – snowshoes make a good equalizer, too – so not being able to play softball is not an excuse not to participate. You have to make sure not to use a white ball though. This is one of the sports offered through the Univ. of Ak – Fairbanks intramural program.

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