William Hung

Kenya forwarded this to me, an article on Hung in the SF Chronicle by Emil Guillermo


It’s interesting. It brings back the issue of “Sixteen Candles” where there was a caricature of a dorky Asian male, played by Gedde Watanabe (whom I understand is a Japanese-American actor who presumably speaks fluent English.) As “Long Duk Dong”, Watanabe was forced to affect an Asian accent for the role in the movie.

William Hung, however, grew up in Hong Kong, and appears not to have lived here long enough to lose his Cantonese accent. It’ll be interesting to see what happens to him, if/when he loses the accent, gains a queer eye for straight guy makeover and takes singing lessons. Would the Hollywood entertainment industry still be interested in marketing him then? Or would they simply wise up and move onto marketing some mainstream/ hip/ young/ metrosexual Asian guy?

On top of that, would William Hung chose to remain “dorky” as a public persona to stay viable in the entertainment business, even if he could or wanted to become hip and accent-free in private?


2 thoughts on “William Hung

  1. Well, it’s not very hard to find stupid stereotypes about Asians. See this link for the uproar about Details magazine’s “Gay or Asian?” guide: http://www.gothamist.com/archives/2004/04/15/protesting_details.php

    I’m not sure that the Hollywood entertainment industry is smart enough to create a William Hung. He would never have focus grouped well. It is, however, savvy enough, to ride the wave as long as the laughter and the applause keep coming. Keep singing and dancing William.

    Do you think he will lose his accent? Has Martin Yan lost his? (Martin apparently emigrated to States at age thirteen and went to school at UC Davis.)

    If he’s lucky, William Hung will be remembered as an entertainment question in the limited edition 00’s Trivial Pursuit game to be published in 2010.

    If not, no one else will give a sh*t about him.

  2. Hey – I met William Hung (and his mother) when he came down here to Houston during the Playoffs. Nice kid, glad he’s making $$ off this, but I do wish he’d stop.

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