fixing flats

I had just patched a slow-leak on my rear wheel last week. A couple of days ago I was biking back from the library. On the overcrossing a block from my house, shards of green glass reposed on the shoulder, no doubt a Heineken drained by some $$#^$!! who blithely tossed the bottle out the car window… By the time I was at the bottom of the overcrossing, a very loud hiss was emitting from my front wheel like a continuous fart. Once home, I easily picked out the fingernail-sized green glass crumb from my wheel. For once, I wouldn’t have to test the inner tube in water to locate the leak.
I was very pissed that I had to deal with two leaks in one week. How can people be such boorish slobs and just toss bottles out of a car window? (There was no sidewalks.) I hope they land in the eleventh court of Hell, where they may be doomed to walk on shards of broken glass . . . on their hands and knees.

By the way, Bike to Work Day (in the Bay Area) is May 20 (Thursday).

By the way, I’m actually very proud of the fact that I can patch my own bike wheel flats. And I can drive stick shift. (Considering I’m generally mechanically inept.)


2 thoughts on “fixing flats

  1. kevlar tires might be your salvation. or use that tire goo you inject into your tube.

    better punishment would be to be reincarnated as a bike inner tube and be punctured every day by their own broken glass bottles.

    or worse: be forced to live with the consequences of BushCo’s failed “policies”!
    err, wait — I think that’s us…


  2. They also used to sell puncture resistant tires made of this special rubber. I don’t know if they still sell them as I have not done much serious biking for the past few years. They were made in France I beleive. I used it as protection from punctures that came through the side-walls which are not protected by the Kevlar tires.

    I’ll let you know if i come across the tire francais again as i will be bicycling to The Farm in the days ahead and will have to buy some bike stuff…

    what is french for tire? I know rubber -caouchou.


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