Ruam Mit 2

Car windows: Now that both our cars are post-2000 models, and come only with power windows, I really miss car windows that are manually operated. I always forget to roll up the windows before I switch off the engine, and then I have to power the engine back on, just to close the windows. It’s so silly. And my wrists miss the exercise. Besides, what would happen if the windows got stuck in the rolled-down position, I’d have no recourse to raising them up. Technological conveniences are not always an improvement.

Speaking vs. singing: We went to see Vienna Teng perform, she’s very good indeed. She explained a lot of the stories behind the songs. Which is always nice, adding a personal anecdotal touch. I have to admit though, I don’t usually hear the words as much as the melody, partly because I can’t ever hear clearly. The thing that most struck me is that her speaking voice is much deeper than her voice in singing: the difference is a bit startling.

I once heard Sheena Easton in an interview and she had such a strong Scottish accent, yet when she sang, she doesn’t have an accent, you can’t really tell where she’s from. There’s probably other singers whose singing and speaking voices are really different too.

2 thoughts on “Ruam Mit 2

  1. My Thai teacher says he only buys cars with manual windows (even if he needs to wait for a special order). He has a good point: if your car falls into the river, the only way you can go out is the window!

  2. I like manual windows too. but it is difficult to roll down the windows in the back of the vehicle on the highway. I can operate the manual windows in the front passenger side of a small car, but that’s about it.

    The reliability of the power window motors for american cars seems to be much better than in the 70/80’s. at least that’s what i can remember…

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