I have an excuse this time

So postings have been few and far in between. I have an excuse for July, I was gone on vacation for two weeks in Italy. And even with the internet access widely available, I ony checked email twice the entire time, one of those times being the night before I left for home.

In the meantime, I’ve become aunt to a baby boy in Bangkok. A shout out to biker and Si to their initiation into parnethood. Baby’s codename is still UFO, they still hadn’t decided on a name last I heard.

Italy? Hmm, it’s always easier to travel in country where the local language is writen in roman alphabet, makes things easier to figure out. I won’t miss the dogshit dodging while I’m looking up at the buildings (older, different in a more beautiful way). I will probably suffer withdrawal from real Italian food, coffee and gelato, and the excess of it. But I resolve never to go back to Venice, Florence is iffy: too many American tourists. Of which I am one, of course!


One thought on “I have an excuse this time

  1. The whole bloody country is a tourist trap. The food was so-so, but the gelato was heavenly. Was paranoid about pickpockets everywhere. I resolved never to go back to Italy PERIOD. However, Nicha is dying to go, so go again I must.

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