90% of my recovery from jet lag happens over the first two nights after I come home. The remaining 10% takes longer, like a lingering cold. We’ve been waking up at 5 AM, and putting the extra waking hours to good use.

On Sunday morning, we decided to go hike up Mission Peak in Fremont at 8:30 AM. To our surprise, there were already quite a few folks coming back down. (I
guess they’re wise to tackle the peak earlier, and avoid the brunt of the sun.)We will be attempting Half-Dome in 6 weeks. Mission Peak is about 2517 ft, and Half-Dome is 8836 ft. So we’ll need to go a couple more times. Better than nothing; which would have been my original training strategy.

Yesterday morning I repotted a few plants and transplanted some
cuttings I got from Joe’s dad, which had rooted. Some of our plants were about to bloom when we got back, so they must have been alright when we were gone, although they were a bit parched. Ok, so spathiphyllum and spider plant
blossoms are no big deal, but this morning before dawn, we got to see the blossoming of our night-blooming cereus (also from Joe’s dad originally).

Our red wrigglers also did OK in our absence. During their two-week famine,
they started consuming the tougher/chewier food that they hadn’t been so fond of. So the corn-cobs corn husks are noticeably more lightweight. There still aren’t enough casings to justify adding the second tray onto the
Wriggly Ranch yet though.

Sunday night, we dined on the yak ragu and beef ragu (with home made
pasta, no less!) chez jjwu, a.k.a. the most dedicated commentator on this
blog. Very tasty. It’s been an event long anticipated; he had a hard time
finding a supplier, and eventually mailed-ordered it from Nebraska or Colorado!

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