Attack of the skittles

Casey has refilled the candy jar in his cube with treat-sized packets of Skittles. How evil! I am so partial to them. The thin hard candy shell that covers a chewy burst of artificially fruit-flavoured sugar. . . . God forbid that I should ever go on a diet, but as my metabolism has slowed down with age, and I’m not walking umpteen miles a day as I did on my 6-month trip, pudge is accumulating on my belly, which is typical for Asian women body types ( as opposed to the gluteus maximus, or hips or thighs. Why didn’t evolution and genetics see fit for pudge to accumulate . . . in the breasts?) (These factors probably influenced the design of the cheongsam, the lack of a waistline and the high necked collar address the thickening of the waist and the flatness of the chest.)

I can’t and don’t eat as much as I used to, but I’m probably going to try to bike to work more often. (In hopes that the increased exercise will help offset the advance of the pudge.) Especially now that I’ve found a really nice, low-stress route from home to work, that is almost all bike lanes/paths. Middlefield to Ellis to Manila/Moffet Park, through Baylands Park on the Bay Trail, and then turn south onto the San Tomas Aquinas Creek Trail, which is newly extended to Agnew, cut through Rivermark (the diciest part of the ride is the parking lot, have to watch out for distracted drivers), and then one illegal block riding the wrong way on the shoulder of Montague.

I don’t like biking from work to home because of the strong afternoon winds, the sun in my face, although it would more relaxing and less of hassle to shower after getting home.) Right now I’m too lazy to bike both ways (even though it would provide a double dose of exercise), and the light rail is a handy excuse to bring the bike home on-board.


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