Wriggly Worm update

I have no idea how, but we have bean sprouts growing in our wriggly ranch. I don’t recall buying or eating bean sprouts, so I have no idea how the seeds got in there. It’s kind of neat, they’re very long. And while I don’t think they’re harmful to the worms, they are sucking up nutrients from the casings.


3 thoughts on “Wriggly Worm update

  1. All sorts of fauna tend to germinate in the worm ranch. I’ve had potatoes, ginger, pumpkin, peppers, and a variety of unidentifiable sproutlings.

    BTW, avoid dumping avocado pits, any stonefruit pits, or corn cobs in the wranch. The worms won’t/can’t eat them and they end up in pretty much the same condition.

  2. They probably won’t grow too long without sunlight. I assume you are keeping worm city out of the sun or have given worms tiny little bottles of suntan lotion…


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