Ruam Mit 5

“Beauty queen, only eighteen, she was”

I was driving to work this morning when I heard this song. It made me suddenly wonder: when songs get written, what’s written first, composing the melody or writing the lyrics?

“Don;t bother me, I’m eating”

Remember a while back when Carl’s Jr. ran an ad campaign with TV commercials featuring people so engrossed in eating their burgers they were sort of oblivious to everything else? The theme really reasonated with me today. I was eating lunch at my desk, and reading the newspaper at the same time, when a coworker came and asked me about last night’s mtg (he’d left before the end.)
I got really irritated by his interruption. It was my “me” time. And it wasn’t like he had some urgent request like “Sorry, but could you please get this chart done for the GM’s meeting this afternoon?” That would be OK. No, it was “So how late did the meeting run to last night?” Who the f*** cares? It has no bearing on anything. He’s a bit of an obsequious protocol-geek anyway.

But this extra-bothered me because while leftovers and newspaper may not sound exiciting, it was actually really tasty, gourmet roast chicken and oyster-cornbread stuffing that Joe made last night for dinner. And I was reading the comics. Eating and reading are two of my favourite activities, and when combined, puts me in a bliss zone of sorts. I hate being intruded on when I’m there. In Thai, it’d be called “guan samadhi” , literally ‘disrupting the meditative calm/bliss’. (Yes, the same ‘samadhi‘ in the Buddhist/ Sanskrit/ spiritual parlance. But whereas the Buddhist samadhi refers to a meditative emptiness of the mind, free from all earthly/human pleasures, my samadhi is dervied from sensory stimuli.)

Another ‘guan samadhi’ phenomenom is when we’re eating dinner at home. And we’ve invested much effort in preparing it. So it turns out well, we’re sated and content, like fat happy lazy cats. . . and then there’s the dishes to be done. Having to work to wash the dishes after the pleasure of eating a meal mars the post-prandial samadhi bliss. If only I could wave a magic wand to clear away and rinse/wash the dishes, how perfect that would be.

2 thoughts on “Ruam Mit 5

  1. Wow, much to savor in this post. I think it depends on the aritst – Most artists that I am familar with (hip hop and r&b) typically start with the lyrics and then add a meldy. However, I can imagine one finding a good melody and than thinking of lyrics to write around them.
    As for the savor(y) part of the post, I too can relate to the meditative-state induced by enjoying food and eating.

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