Ruam Mit 6

Went to “Bourne Supremacy” last night at Camera Cinema last night, after having watched “Bourne Identity” on DVD a couple of weeks ago. I don’t think I like “Supremacy” more than “Identity”. For one thing, the car chase in Moscow was gratuitously too long. Also they filmed the beginning part in India on my favourite beach. (It was odd …and alarming to actually recognize the place, before seeing the credits.) I hope they haven’t ruined it.

In any case, it must have led to the odd dream I had this morning. In my dream I was writing in my blog about how I’d been threatened at gunpoint two days in a row . . . and how annoying that had been. Oddly enough I hadn’t been scared, just annoyed. That’s dreams for you.

The dream blog entry came about when I was on an apartment balcony, when I happened to be looking down, and saw a man and a woman in an amorous interlude in a flat below. For some reason, the man got upset and came up to me with a gun to persuade me not to pay them any attention. But before that, there had been some other incident where another man had come to threaten me about something, by producing the gun, I can’t remember.

The dream the night before was much cheerier. I dreamt that I met Queen Elizabeth II, and she invited me to go up to this tower via elevator (must have been inspired by our recent stay at the Hyatt Regency). When we reached the top, the room was filled with really deluxe snacks and beverages. She gave me a little tour, pointing out what different family members liked and what she would allow them to have. Thai people believe that if you dream about seeing or meeting royalty, it’s a sign that something good will happen to you. I contemplated buying a lottery ticket, but I didn’t. (I usually never buy them anyway)


One thought on “Ruam Mit 6

  1. As far as violent movies go, I liked Collateral better than Supremacy — but then I have not seen Alien vs. Predator, yet.

    Not sure what the being threatened by gun means in your dream symbology as lot’s of times the meaning can very personal and not something you can easily look up in a book about the meaning of dreams. If you really gotta know the meaning, I would either keep a dairy of your dreams (can be fun!) or consult your local freudian therapist (can be not fun!).

    I wish I could remember my dreams, but I don’t get enough sleep and so am either soundly alseep or awake via the alarm clock or alarm cat.


    are you planning to see alien vs. predator? it would be intersting to see what dream comes from that experience…
    or how about seeing A vs P AND Princess dairies in the same night! Who will be holding the gun: QEII, the Alien or the Predator??

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