“Harold” went to Cal

Browsing through the Cal alumni magazine that just arrived in my mailbox today, I found out that John Cho is a fellow alum (’96, English). Woo hoo! (I wonder if my cousin Terry (also Class of ’96) knew him?) I’m just sort of surprised: I read snippets on Asian-American media personalities, and I never came across that tidbit. Then again, I guess if I were an aspiring Asian actor in Hollywood, having it be known that I was smart enough to graduate from Cal might ruin my street cred in landing roles, and really typecast me in nerd roles.

A family acquaintance (Chinese) told me his son was trying to get screenwriting gigs in Tinseltown, and found out that putting the Harvard summa cum laude on his Cv did nothing in advancing his career.

2 thoughts on ““Harold” went to Cal

  1. ironically, the guy named kal (kumar) didn’t go to cal, but is actually a ucla alum. i guess the uc system has the inside trck on getting asian americans into the entertainment biz! had the pleasure of having lunch with kal a number of years back in hong kong.

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