Saving water

To take a hot shower in the mornings (is there any other kind?), we usually have to run the water for a minute or two, before the cold water that’s sitting in the length of pipes between the hot water heater and the bathroom is flushed out. It was a waste of perfectly good, potable tap water going down the drain. We hit upon the idea of collecting the cold water into old juice jugs. It turns out that the hot water will arrive right after a gallon’s worth cold water is run to fill an empty juice jug. We then feed the collected water to our potted plants. A gallon a day may not seem like much, but over time, well, it makes us feel better!

On the flip side, we did the annual coastal/creek clean-up day last Saturday. This year, we worked a new site, Stevens Creek by El Camino Real (near the terminus of the existing trail.) The website for the local organizer also posts results and ‘unusual items found’. This year, I found a fairly intact computer keyboard. It was partially buried in dirt: the creek current must have swept mud over it during the wet season. I had fun digging it out, feeling like an archaelogist. Then again, maybe I should have done the creek clean-up at Saratoga Creek, where last year they found an unopened bottle of Bacardi Gold.


One thought on “Saving water

  1. Some washing machines in Japan include a pump that can automatically recycle bath water for doing laundry. This idea is feasible in Japan because Japanese don’t soap themselves in the bath (instead they soap and rinse themselves off before entering the bath) so the bath water is still clean enough for laundry.

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