Ruam Mit (of Chaiyos)

And no, that wouldn’t really make sense in Thai.

Chaiyo 1 is actually a bit of radio luck. One of the catchy mystery songs whose identity I’ve been dying to find out is one I first heard in September 2002 in . . . Kyrgyzstan. Yes, the beer garden disco across the street from our hotel would play it at least twice in its nightly rotation. I assumed it was a Russian disco pop song. Then I heard it again a few months ago on Viva Radio 105.1 FM “Oh, it’s a Spanish pop disco song.”

Last Saturday morning. It’s so godawful early it’s still dark. I’m driving along 880 to meet Marcella to hike up at Mission Park, more asleep than awake . . . Then I catch my mystery song again on 105.1 FM! Woo hoo! I listen a little more closely, and even my through the bleary recesses of my brain . . . “Too mah proh mee . . . too mah proh mee …” sounds like something I sort of know . . . “Tu m’as promis.” Oh it’s French! Well at least I have something to google with now.

Browsing in the travel section of the library tonight, I came across the new 2004 updated edition of Lonely Planet Central Asia. I couldn’t resist browsing it to see how many new or old sleep and eat places it listed in the towns we visited in the ‘Stans. Gulnara’s B&B in Tashkent made it (good for her, she rocks!), Sveta’s homestay in Cholpon-ata didn’t (sad omission.) Skimming the book in aisles brought on a little nostalgia trip. Made me want to go back for a visit. Cherry mentioned she received a job announcement for a transportation planner position in Kazahkstan. Is this a sign?

Check out DUH, Dilbert’s Ultimate House. It may sound geeky and corny, since it was built virtually, with input from many Dilbert fans, but it actually incorporates a lot of practical design, materials and principles that I would want in my ideal home.

Chaiyo 2: Victor Charlie has added Fishface to the links on his Steamed Rice blog! I’d found his blog through links on Paul’s House of Random Crap blog (happy birthday!), and posted a comment recently. VC had also read some my postings here, and liked it enough to link. As soon as I figure out how, I should add links to VC’s and Paul’s blogs from mine, to return the favor, so to speak.

My current craigslist exchange buddy is into Chinese literature: she teaches me Tang poetry. In return I’ve been editing her novel, which she wrote in English. Today we went over a poem by Lu Lun (770 AD) celebrating a victorious battle. The first line was
(in Mandarin) Yue hei yan fei gao OR
(in Cantonese) Yuet hahk yeen fei goe
(literally) moon dark wild-geese fly high

I started laughing. “You know the ‘Sound of Music’? The scene where all the little Von Trapps run into Maria’s room because they’re afraid of the thunderstorm; Julie Andrews sings ‘My Favourite Things’ ?”

Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings . . .”


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