A regular weekend

It’s been so long since I had a weekend when I could (a) sleep in (b) go to farmer’s market. It was preceded by a Thursday off of bliss: I got a haircut (I never noticed before that my stylist had his beautiful white dog hanging out at his salon) and a splurged on a massage. Yahoo local found me a respectable spa (which I didn’t know existed before) in the same strip mall as Amber India (which we dine at regularly!) As you can tell, I’m not terribly observant.

It’s been very hectic the past few weekends what with the LCI course, a trip to Michoacan (I promise the write-up soon), and the triathlon.

On Saturday, I got to scrub up the kitchen a bit (something I’ve been meaning to do for months). It’s very satisfying to remove greasy scum. My trick is to rub with baking soda. (I save the boxes of b.s. after their 6-month stay in the cooler just for this purpose.)

On Sunday, I actually got to do some cooking (more therapeutic in execution than delicious in taste). I don’t think I have good crock-pot karma.

Shopped for books and wine (I need to do most of my Xmas shopping before Thanksgiving, so I can bring, not mail presents to family.) And wine, if I’m going to be doing more (bad) cooking, well we’ll need something better than plonk to wash it down.


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