Bah Humbug!

The grousing goes on. Being in the malls before Christmas is so frustrating. I hate trying to find a parking spot, trying to find gifts that are useful, interesting and relevant all at once for recipients and then standing in a loooong line to pay for it.

Photo frames and candles are the ultimate in cop-out generic gifts. You’re better off giving the recipient a can of chicken soup and the address of the nearest food bank instead, if you really can’t be bothered to put some thought into buying meaningful gifts for your recipients.

But most of all, I hate how they play Christmas carols incessantly, thereby permanently tainting traditional holiday music with the mold of commercialization. I can’t stand Christmas carols anymore. The only Christmas-related music permitted in my earshot is the Nutcracker.


2 thoughts on “Bah Humbug!

  1. um, that’s why i don’t give out X-mas presents.

    The Gods of Commerce can stike my Mastercard dead for all i care. No one ain’t draggin’ me to no darn mall!!


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