BCS? Give me a f**king break

Cal’s supposed to be playing in the Rose Bowl. But just like Kerry didn’t win the election, we have Texas in the Rose Bowl. Blowing the long standing tradition of a Pac-10 team in the Rose Bowl. I am so pissed. This was supposed to be our year!!!!!

This episode of sulking and whining has been brought to you by the BCS. Ditch it already


3 thoughts on “BCS? Give me a f**king break

  1. Billed to be the solution for pitting “No. 1 against No. 2”, the BCS is really more about greed, about bowl organizers, conference power brokers and TV partners getting their payola. In the process BCS has pretty much screwed everyone else (namely the schools and the fans) over and breaking many venerable bowl traditions. Meanwhile, BCS does a poor job of solving the No. 1 problem (just ask USC last year.) In the end, the BCS people could care less about any of this with money going in their pockets.

    Collegiate football doesn’t need any system like BCS to figure out a consensual No. 1 because 1) college ball is supposed to be more about the spirit of amateurs competing and less about obsessing with “No. 1”, and 2) it is impossible to do so with so many schools and conferences anyway. Abolish the BCS as well as labels of “NCAA football championship” when dealing with post-season bowl games now!

  2. If Cal loses to Texas Tech in the Holiday Bowl, it will make it the third time in less than 3 months that Texas kicks the emotional crap outta me.

  3. I’m a USC fan, so I know the feeling, but it turned out better for us last year. I mean, who remembers LSU this year? Cal got screwed, no two ways about it. Texas in the Rose Bowl is akin to some sort of bizarre animal sex–it’s just unnatural and wrong. No one should be campaigning for votes.

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