Chasing Maria

Back in college, my friends chipped in for my birthday and got us box seats to see Carmina Burana. Even Nop came along “Who is she, some Ukrainian soprano?” (He had the last laugh; he knew, as I did not, that Don McLean’s ‘Starry Night” was about Van Gogh’s painting.)

The boxes in Davies Hall are actually like indoor private terraces; you can lean over and chat with neighbours. The box next us was occupied by two young men, one of whom was wearing a black Japanese short kimono. He explained that it was more comfortable and unusual than tuxedo, which seemed to be the formality called for by box seats. His friend was an afficiando of Carmina Burana in a big way: he owned all the recordings of the work that he could lay his hands on, and attended all performances that were possible. (So they had come up from Santa Cruz to SF.) I thought that was interesting, if a bit excessive: a groupie not of a rock-n-roll band, but a piece of classical music.

After seeing a live performace of Maria de Buenos Aires for the first time this past summer (see June 28, 2004 posting), I started surfing the net to see where else and when I could see live productions of Piazzolla’s operetta. (This is one of the true benefits of the Internet!)

So if I had enough money and time and my hands in the next few months, I figure I could go see Maria de Buenos Aires at:

January 21 – March 6, 2005, Theatre de la Jeune, Minneapolis, MN
February 18 -26, National Hispanic Cultural Center, Albuquerque, NM
March 5, 2005, State Theatre, New Brunswick, NJ
March 5 – May 21, 2005: Royal Theatre, Copenhagen, Denmark
March 19 – 21, 2005, Maubeuge, France
April 3, 2005: Seattle Chamber Players, Seattle

Anyone want to contribute funding or frequent flier miles for my pursuit of the ultimate Maria?


One thought on “Chasing Maria

  1. sorry, already promised worthless united miles to sister. what airline do you prefer?

    If you goto New Mexico, you can stop by Santa Fe and visit Joel Nakamura at his studio!


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