Books and music

We spent a contented rainy afternoon on my two favourite blocks of Telegraph Ave on Sunday, checking out Amoeba and Rasputin’s extensive used CD collection. (I know how retro in this day of downloading and iTunes, but it really hits the spot when your primordial – hunting and gathering gene kicks into gear.) We got some pretty good stuff: both on our wish list and lucky finds: another version Maria de BA, Celia Cruz, Air Supply and the Grand Auto Theft San Andreas soundtrack, for a lark. Now I wish we had a looong road trip coming up so we could listen to all the CDs. I also went to Moe’s and Shakespear & Co. for some books and did pretty well there too: a biography of Piazzolla in English, Maxine Hong Kingston’s most recent book, and a P.G. Wodehouse anthology for cheap. Sometimes you want a mindless read, but not of lurid romances. But I couldn’t find a used copy of Pico Iyer’s latest book, neither a used copy of the Amores Peros soundtrack, which we just seen the DVD. The movie helped solve another mystery: it had the song that I had also heard on Mexican radio, but didn’t know what it was called or who it was by.


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