Streets named after dates

Had to do some review of my travel stuff, and remembered there was something I’ve been curious about: streets named after dates.

In Cairo, not only is there a “26th July St.”, but a “6th October Bridge” crossing the almighty Nile. In Panaji, Goa, a “Rua 31 de Janeiro”. In Morelia, Michocacan, a “20 de Noviembre” street. I wonder of there’s “Fourth of July Street” anywhere in the U.S. of A.?

How do people decide to name streets after dates? I looked up November 20: it’s Revolution Day for Mexico. I don’t know about the other ones. Was it for some important military/political event, the expulsion of some foreign conqueror? Some important figure’s birthday? The day ice was introduced to the city? A religious commemoration? The first traffic light installed?

I wonder how many more streets there are in the world that are named after dates?


One thought on “Streets named after dates

  1. It’s gotta be mostly related to historic events – like the one in Italy “Piazza XXV April” commemorating the official day that Italy was liberated from the Nazis.

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