Flu blues

1) I really, really hate (in the sense that my patience is short because I’m not feeling well) how damn cold the water is that comes out of the hot tap (it takes a few minutes flow for the hot water to arrive.) I’m already cold and shivery as it is. Drinking all these liquids entails more visits than usual, hence more washing of hands in the icy water. Brr..ugh..

2) Lying in bed with flu means getting reacquainted with the books of my shelf. However, it’s not so much what do I feel like rereading: travel, novel, non fiction; I select books that are small, not heavy so they don’t weigh down on my chest. The pages have to be easy to turn with one page, but even then, the page-turning hand gets cold from exposure, while the left hand can stay warm under the blankets. And as I invariably doze off, the book has to be sturdy enough to survive a fall.

It also sucks that it’s so sunny and warm outside. It should be raining.


One thought on “Flu blues

  1. The herbal supplement that I mentioned is called Airborne. They had a commercial for the Super Bowl but it was rejected because it had Mickey Rooney going NYPD Blue (bottom uncoveris).

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