neat things to see

We went to Houston last week for a few days (to visit my cousin.) The most interesting thing we saw was a special exhibition on African art at the Museum of Fine Arts. If you’re in Houston between now and June, go check it out. It’s modern art, and colorful, and very creative. Wow.
We also saw the Beer Can House. Which has its twin in the bottle house outside Death Valley.

On the sunny gap of a day on Saturday, we went on the Precita Eyes mural walking tour in the Mission district in SF. You could just walk around with the 2-block radius of 24th and Harrison on your own (check out Balmy Alley), but it’s worth it to pay the fee for a guided walk and get the background info. (They start off with a slideshow and provide a lot of history.) There’s probably a lot of long-time Bay Area residents who don’t know about the murals, but they should. I highly recommend it.

It also made me wistful: I wish I could paint some really cool mural on my garage door. But alas, in all these HOA neighborhoods, bland/inoffensive/boring rules.


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