Never without gloves

There was another break from the rain this morning, so I went for a short bike ride on the trail nearby. The ground was wet, but not puddly. On the turn-off from the trail to the wooden bridge to get back home, I didn’t think I was going too fast, but next things I knew, I was sprawled on the ground. I must have taken the corner a bit too tight, and skidded. I was so surprised, too surprised to even feel stupid.

I happened to be wearing jeans, which I think prevented a lot of burn, although my knee will no doubt turn into a lovely shade of violet and indigo and fuschia. But I’m so thankful I was wearing my new bike gloves, because otherwise my palms would have been shredded; and I’m supposed to cook dinner for a friend tonight.

From now on, I will never go biking without my gloves (or helmet!).


One thought on “Never without gloves

  1. As a veteran of the mean streets of Berkeley, nighttime Berkeley and San Francisco, I commend you.

    Never, never go riding without your HELMET!

    When are we doing Critical Mass Antartica?


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