Craftsy Kick

The weather being overcast, cold and dreary, I’ve spent most of the past few days indoors on a craftsy kick making cards and giftbags. I can’t wait for family and friends’ celebrations when I can deploy a personalized wedding card, or stash some onesies in a hand-decorated baby shower gift bag. I keep a stash of blank cards and envelopes on hand, and usually make simple glued-on collages from old calendars and philatelic catalog clippings. I also went through our stash of paper bags with handles and started decorating them. I finished up an entire fat UHU glue stick.

I figured out how to make rosettes with glossy catalog paper, scissors and a stapler. They’re great, because, unlike plastic ribbon rossettes, they’re recyclable in the paper bin, or at least biodegradeable.

I also bought a used paper cutter. Sweet, because lord knows I can’t cut in straight line. But I should also look for a large stapler.

It’s so much fun to exercise my creative juices in making this stuff: you get into this Zen zone while you’re at the table, and before you know it, the whole afternoon has passed pleasantly.

Of course, one big incentive for making these things yourself is to save money. It doesn’t take too much time, time well spent. Retail prices are so expensive for cards and gift bags. Bags cost $4 and up at Target, decent cards around $3. Besides, there’s more meaning to making things yourself instead of buying them, which can be more generic. I remember when I got married, I got two identical cards!

Anyone got a birthday coming up? Let me know!


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