Ruam Mit 12

Along with shorter attention spans, I think most people’s short-term memory is also deteriorating. Like mine, for example. This is not entirely a bad thing, because when I watch reruns of the Simpsons, or South Park or Cheers, I’ll recognise the episode, but since I don’t remember how the plot ended, it’s like watching a new story. Kind of like Clara’s character in the Isabel Allende’s House of the Spirits, where her sister-in-law would tell her all news and stories, but since Clara could never remember any of them, her sister-in-law could repeat the anecdotes a la Ground Hog Day!

* * * * * * * * * * * *
Saw “Sideways” today. Not bad, but not Oscar material, wait for the DVD to come out. It did make me very thirsty for wine though. With “Eat Drink Man Woman”, which you don’t want to watch it on an empty stomach; perhaps with Sideways, watching it on a slight alcoholic buzz may help.

Also saw “Ong Bak”: Wow. It’s violent, it’s gritty, it’s martial arts ballet and acrobatics and poetry. Now that Jackie Chan’s Police Story years are behind him, thank goodness we have Tony Jaa. Triple bonus points for him and the movie being from Thailand!

Also saw “Million Dollar Baby”, which was very intense and good. I didn’t want to see it, because it was about boxing, women boxing no less, and I just have a hard time stomaching the violence. Somehow the now-aged Clint Eastwood reminds me of Paul Newman, in a good way. First time I’ve seen a Hilary Swank movie. She’s good, but those exagerated lips are detracting.


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