Ruam Mit 13

After wet-wipes were developed, earning the gratitude of parents of youngsters every where, I guess it was inevitable that wipes for other types of household cleaning came on the market. “Wipe clean, and throw away; you don’t have to deal with smelly sponges or mops or brushes anymore!” they tout. Being anti-disposable, I would never buy the disposable cleaning wipes, but it did give me an idea. I use the used clothes dryer sheets for the same purpose, to clean toilets and other things that have nooks and crannies which sponges or brushes don’t reach quite well into. A squirt of dishwash detergent, vinegar or baking soda, scrub away and then dump. (We used to use liquid fabric softener, but it would thicken and not dissolve easily in our machine. )

We’re going to try to go vegetarian for a week, just for a little challenge in life. However, we’re not giving up fish sauce or oyster sauce, dairy or eggs.

For the fourth time, we went to the annual Santa Cruz Clam Chowder Cook-off yesterday. It got fairly sunny and warm on the Boardwalk. But overall, the standards are slipping. The tasting kit comes with 5 taste tickets and one “People’s Choice” ballot, but the one we voted for got our ballots more by default for not being the worst. Some had good flavour, but were too watery. Some were too thick because they melted cheese into it (shudder.) We stopped off at Marianne’s Ice Cream afterwards, on our way to Princeton-by-the-Sea to Barbara’s Fish Trap for some fried seafood (we passed on the clam chowder.) And, no, we decided on the vegetarian thing before all of this!


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