Knitting is addictive

The Mountain View Library offers free knitting lessons on Friday afternoons, so I went to check it out. Knitting has become so popular; some of my friends have taken up knitting, so I wanted to try my hand at it.

The sessions are supervised by an experienced knitter (there’s a cadre of volunteers who alternate weeks). I was provided a ball of fuschia yarn and a pair of knitting needles and taught to cast and knit-stitch. There were half a dozen people there, all women, half of whom were young mothers! It was a chick-bonding experience.

It’s very zen, but very fulfilling to grow the acreage longer and longer as I continued it at home. (One more thing to procrastinate with, instead of writing!)

Of course I’ve dropped stitches and it’s uneven (some loose some tight), as to be expected for a beginner. While I’ve picked up the theory of how the stitches work, it did amaze me that you’re actually transfering your field of knitted material from one needle to another, back and forth. It’s like yarn tennis. Not having paid attention to people knitting before, I was under the impression that one needle anchored the field of knitting and the other needle did the work (like a shuttle going through a loom or something!)

I still haven’t quite worked out what’s the most comfortable way for me to position my hands/fingers and hold the needles and yarn. After a while, the ring finger and pinkie on my left hand were cramping up, not because I was using them for anything, but because I was clenching them instinctively.

If I do take up knitting, it would be useful to be able to knit presents for people, but they would be really lumpy looking. Maybe I’ll just get to the point of knitting a cosy for the rice cooker or something (We already have a tea cosy.)

My grandmother used to knit me ponchos and vests. My mom-in-law knit us a couple of lovely afghans. Now that I know how hard it is, I’m even more impressed and appreciative of their knitting.


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