(Re)New(ing) Acquaintances

It’s been a good week. I visited Murali and Jaya who had their first baby Vina three weeks ago. My cousin Keelan and his wife Amelia had their first baby Samuel this week in So. Cal. And I finally got to meet UFO, my cousin’s 8-month old boy (formal first name Nicolas) yesterday, where we had a great time hanging out at the park, me highly entertained by him being highly entertained by my car keys. UFO is an awesomely mellow and happy baby: if all babies were guaranteed to be like him, I’m sure there’d be a population explosion. I would want three myself!

It’s also been a good week for spending quality time with old acquaintances. My best friend Chris and I hung out all Tuesday, driving around the Bay Area trying to get stuff done for her wedding this summer. I get to be a bridesmaid (ok, matron of honor) for the first time in my life. I’m SO looking forward to it. We checked out the wedding site, tasted cakes in SF (I wondered if the fine folks at Schubert’s Bakery thought we were domestic partners !?), folded invitations, ate, chatted and bonded. Chris is a 5th-grade teacher, and since she’s so busy the rest of the time, we hardly get to hang out anymore.

Wednesday morning, the doorbell rang. Highly unusually occurrence. I thought it was rather early for door-to-door solicitors and I wasn’t expecting anyone. Lo and behold it was Anne, who had biked over to deliver my membership packet! We’d been emailing each other sporadically in the past month, it was great to see her in person and catch up with her. I invited her in for tea and we sat and chatted for so long it was time for lunch, so we headed for downtown Mountain View for Indian buffet at Shiva’s, since she had another errand to run there. She really liked the food. I had to head back to downtown in the afternoon to meet up with my poetry teacher and go swimming.

It’s been a week of exceptional socializing for me, considering most of the time I’m just staying at home doing my thing and hardly talking to anyone except when Joe comes home. But it’s good to spend time face to face with good folks you care about.


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