It’s been awhile . .

Apologies for not having posted in ages. I’ve been out of town for 6 weeks, but in this day and age that’s not an excuse, since the internet is accessible everywhere. I wasn’t in Myanmar, which would have been a valid excuse for not loggin on.

We went to Beijing for a week, and then I based myself in Bangkok for 4 weeks, from which I did hops to Koh Mak (which is the up and coming Koh Chang, since Koh Chang is going to become what Koh Samui was 10 years ago); Khao Lak (where the tsunami hit hardest in Thailand); and Hong Kong. Physically I moved 3 tons of gravel, sand and old newspapers. Even on a personal-relationships level, it’s been really intense: I’ve attended a funeral; and seen friends and family with whom I’ve gotten to bond in ways I never expected.

While I’m physically back in the US of A, mentally I’m still on a Bangkok sidewalk eating som-tum, dipping balls of sticky rice into the dressing, with the soundtrack of motorcycles roaring in my ears, as stray dog looks longingly at the pile of bones from the roast chicken I just polished off. . .

Stay tuned.


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