Fish head soup

Jason went fishing and landed a 20+ lb salmon. In his potlatch distribution, I ended with a fillet and the head. Free fish head….perfect opportunity to try making fishhead soup. (We had a really good one in a Peking Duck restaurant in Beijing. My step-mom makes a really good pla-chon and red-date soup that’s a childhood favourite).

“Fry the fish head, then add into a pot of water with ginger, mustard greens and tofu and boil with some water.”

I added too much water, so last night’s soup was too bland. Today, I simmered to reduce it and the flavour intensified. But I should have remembered to add some red-dates, the touch of sweeteness would have been perfect. (I have an huge supply of home grown/dried red dates from Joe’s mom.)

It’s not hard, but it’s just intimidating to make fish head soup. Similarly, I don’t cook Thai food very much, it’s not hard, but it takes efffort (to get the ingredients that I don’t normally keep in my kitchen), and time (because I’ll have to cook it a few times over to learn to get it right.)

Lets you think I’m a loser who can’t cook Thai food… My Thai cousin who’s in grad school in Pennsylvania, and another Thai friend who moved to Australia, found themselves hugely dependant on Lobo, a brand of instant Thai food. Back home, they didn’t have to cook Thai food, and even if no one at home would have cooked for them, it’s just so easy and cheap to eat out or get take-out food in Thailand, so they never really bothered to learn how to cook Thai food.


One thought on “Fish head soup

  1. that was a big fishhead.

    didja really fry it?

    like stir-fry or deep-fry?

    “It’s not hard, but it’s just intimidating to make fish head soup” – i feel the same way about classical bolognese sauce and fresh noodles.

    alfredo’s easy.

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