Ruam Mit 14

I popped into the AAA office on Saratoga Ave (near Stevens Creek) today, where they have an actual Travel Store, which also carried travel guides at 10% discount for members! They also carry Lonely Planet guides (which have become very mainstream). Next time I need a travel guide I will go buy them there!

* * * *

This week, the Mountain View City Council decided to go with a Long’s Drugs, as opposed to a Zanotto’s (higher end) grocery store in the bottom floor of the to-be-built downtown parking garage. A lot of residents lobbied for Zanotto’s, but the numbers didn’t work out as well. I was actually torn, I’d like to have a Zanotto’s in downtown, so I could bike there to buy groceries, but having a big drug store downtown means I don’t have to bike all the way to Target. I’m actually fond of Long’s Drugs; if it had been a Walgreens, or Rite Aid or any other chain drug store, I would outright supported Zanotto’s.

It’s funny how we have emotions and opinions about retail outlets.

There’s going to be a Whole Foods store opening on ECR, near Target, but it’s on the Los Altos side of the street. I’ll be torn about shopping there. While it will be in biking distance, and will have a greater range of stuff than Milk Pail, the fact that part of my sales tax when I shop there will go to the City of Los Altos is a negative for me. Having dealt with the City of Los Altos, and observed their uppity, uptight ways (both the residents, merchants and the elected officials), I don’t want my money helping them. Maybe I’ll just limit my purchases to the non-taxable food items!

* * * * * *

VTA launched the 522 Rapid Bus line yesterday (it runs along the ECR corridor from Palo Alto to San Jose, every 15 minutes, as fast as traffic will let it go.) It’s equipped with a gizmo that will give it green light priority at the most of the traffic signals, that it will be hauling ass! Everyone should ride it at least once! It stops at limited stops (in Mountain View, it’ll be at the Castro intersection.) You can’t miss it, it’s got a snazzy blue white and reddish wrap job.

* * * * * * *

“The music was better than the food”
We tried a place called Southern Comfort Cuisine on Main St. in Milpitas last Saturday night, in our never-ending quest for good soul food within driving distance. The food was nothing to blog about: Joe’s fish was more than blackened, it was caked with char and ash. But the singer and the band, Allegra Bandy and the Perfect Harmony Band were really good. I’d go back for the music, not for the food!

One thought on “Ruam Mit 14

  1. Not 30 minute driving distance for you, but the next time you are up in the East Bay, try the Southern Overn Baking Company ( It’s hard to find being stuck in a business strip mall off the main strip in Walnut Creek, but the food is super yummy.

    Great hush puppies, fried chicken (although my personal favorite is still Merrit Restaurant in Oakland) and fried catfish.

    You could bike there from the Walnut Creek BART station, too!
    Dinner is ~$12 per person. Decor is still more strip mall than fine dining, but, oh well.

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