More tomatoes

Made chili from scratch yesterday, even if it’s not really the right weather, being as warm as it is. Dry beans, fresh tomatoes, no can opener.

It’s amazing where you pick up cooking tips. There’s a trick for peeling tomatoes: plunge them in a saucepan of boiling water for a brief bath, and then you should be able to slip the skins right off. I learnt that . . . not from a cooking show or cookbook but from a trashy/beach Judith Krantz novel, where one of the characters is a pretty young teenager who ends up seducing her step-mother’s chef by taking cooking lessons from him.

Actually it’s funny how so many recipes call for tomatoes, peeled, chopped and seeded. I can see why you’d want to peel them: since the shreds of skin can be a bit chewy. But seeding them is removing bulk of the pulp. I guess people don’t want tomato seeds stuck in their teeth? They can be bit chewy also. Or is because it makes the flavor different? I keep the tomato seeds in, and sometimes I keep the skins on, for more nutritional value.

I made a rasberry sauce once, where it called for mashing the berries and straining the seeds out. To me that seemed silly, because wouldn’t much of the sauce would be stuck on the structure of the strainer (what’s it called: surface tension?). I served the sauce with seeds, and called it a ‘rustic’ rasberry sauce, ha ha! Perhaps I should have also provided dental floss.

I think the Bleinheim season is over at farmer’s market 😦 But the blueberries are going strong, with the Sierra’s coming to fruit. They’re not as sweet as the ones from several weeks ago (which I think were from further south).
You see more squash blossoms, which sound more picturesque as ‘fiori di zucca’ in Italian. I think we’ll get some more this weekend. I’ll look for a recipe to stuff them with soft cheese, and fried.


3 thoughts on “More tomatoes

  1. beach novel?? are you supposed to read it AT the beach or is the SETTING at the beach?

    gourmets claim that removing seeds from tomatoes makes the sauce less bitter. i’ve never been able to taste the difference, but then this is coming from someone who eats the dried hot pepper seeds at the pizzarria while waiting for his pizza. And works/breathes organic chemicals at work…

    You got blueberries? thought they needed colder climes.

  2. “Made chili from scratch yesterday, even if it’s not really the right weather, being as warm as it is. ”

    Gazpacho, well chilled.

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