First off, my condolences to all those impacted by the bombings last week. Again, natural disasters cause enough destruction and damge on us all, it’s unconscionable that human beings could have wrought more pain and suffering against their fellow men.

In this post 9/11 world, I think I was expecting the London bombers to fit this stereotype: Foreigners, maniacal fanatics in full beard, skull cap and jelaba get-up, muttering to themselves. Solitary, socially-dysfunctional men without familes.

Now, if the news reports are to be believed , these young men were part of Britain’s large Subcontinental immigrant population. One was born in England. One was a father of a baby.

Their families are in shock, that it was one of their own. (I don’t think I could ever fully feel what it’s like to be in their shoes right, how horribly sad it is.)

What’s eerie for me is that as part of the SFIAAFF in March, I saw a movie called “Yasmin.” about a British-born Muslim woman in post 9-11 England. The movie is set in Yorkshire, and focuses on Yasmin (played by Archie Punjabi of “Bend it Like Beckham”), but there’s also her younger brother Nas (palyed by Syed Ahmed), who at first seems like any British youth, a drifting teenager without much ambition or hopes. Eventually Nas starts ‘getting religion’ under the influence of local Muslim rabble rouser (whom Yasmin warns him against!), since it gives him a sense of purpose and direction. Nas starts flyering the neighbourhood with leaflets about Islam . . .

The bombers might have been Nas personified.


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