Staying in practice

There’s a host of little things that one should do at least once a year to ensure that one doesn’t forget how to do them; it helps to stay in practice or in shape for these skills. For me these things would include:

– Driving stick shift . . . in San Francisco.
– Being able to pick up an earthworm or red wriggler (without being overcome with nerves!)
– Cutting up a chicken
– Cleaning a fish (well, I have to learn this)
– Swimming
– Bicycling
– Starting a fire (with matches and kindling. I’ve never learnt to do it with two sticks like a Boy Scout.)
– Camping/sleeping in a tent outdoors (to be able to deal with the strange night noises, and the discomfort of pine needles digging in your back, as well as dark and chilliy visits to the loo!)
– Doing a sommersault and/or a cartwheel. (Actually I don’t know if I have that kind of dexterity anymore)
– Form an arch with your body, hands and feet on the ground (I think I can still do this!)
– Cook rice on a stovetop, i.e. without an electric rice cooker (I need to learn this!)
– Knit!

There’s probably more on my list here I just can’t remember. I bet everyone would have their own unique list of practical skills that are useful to know, even if they aren’t used often. For instance, some guys might have “do an oil change by myself” on their list. Or cooking certain dishes from scratch, like making dough (because you have to remember what the dough feels like when it’s done just right.)

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