Little roadblocks

I started work on my volunteer write-up again. It’s slow going. I’ve written ten-pages, but that’s only about 30% of what I want to get onto paper. I have a very inefficient way of writing. I essentially do a brain dump, and then edit it down to a tighter finished product.

As time has gone by, I’ve lost some motivation to share it by writing. ‘Do I care any more? Does anyone care anyway? There’s lots of articles on the Internet other folks have written about their volunteer experiences, why bother?’ etc.

Not to mention that my writing style has lost its mojo (for better or worse, the literary muse completely evaporated out of my life last year.) I read my drafts and it’s so . . . blah.

What’s keeping me going? 4 cups of coffee. And the goal of at least getting all the raw material written, even if it’s just going to be a uncirculated personal record of what what I did and what I thought, because I’m starting to forget little things. And this was one of those things I don’t want to forget.

* * * * * * * * * *
A couple of Thursdays ago, we went to a SF Symphony Summer Series program featuring the tango. Daniel Binelli was the guest headliner: he played bandoneon with Piazzolla’s Sextet. Before the show, we’d dined at Citizen Cake.

Two items from that evening linger in my curiousity:
1) What was the name of the tune Binelli played in the encore before the intermission, and at the end of the show? It’s sad for this self-professed fan of Piazzolla that I recognised it right away, so hauntingly familiar, yet I didn’t know the name of the tune. I emailed SF Symphony to ask, but they haven’t gotten back to me.

I listen to Piazzolla’s CDs a lot, but I don’t really bother looking at the songlist and correlating the tracks with the titles. When I came back, I think I played all my Piazzolla CDs, and still couldn’t name that tune. But the other thing is, why can’t musicians announce what the name of the song is that they perform during encores, which, of course, are never listed in the printed program.

2) I ordered a pork shoulder confit with a bunch of accompaniments that included watermelon rind pickles. The meat was bit too salty, but the Citizen Cake’s extremely tasty watermelon rind pickles provided a sweet, tart balance. Unfortunately, the serving of pickles was insufficient.

We just bought a quarter of a watermelon this week, and I was contemplating making pickles of the rind. I wonder if Citizen Cake would give me their pickle recipe if I asked them. I’m not too familiar with pickles, so when I went online to look for recipes, I couldn’t figure out which spices I had tasted in Citizen Cake’s rendition to narrow down which recipe to use. Beside I don’t have canning jars, and the sterilization process seems like such a hassle.


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