From good books to bad books

After finishing the Kite Runner, the next book I got off my library queue was the “Dim Sum of All Things.” I was curious to read this Chinese chick-lit book from an-ABC-in-SF perspective. While Kim Wong Keltner nails some of the cultural nuances on the head, those tidbits are outweighed by chunks of very weak prose. I finished reading it in one sitting (unable to sleep due to after-dinner cappuccino), and like the immortal Esther Wong*, I was so annoyed by the bad writing, I wanted to throw it out the window. But I was too lazy to go draw the curtains, and too cheap to pay the library fine. (I didn’t want to spend money buying the book, and was I glad I hadn’t wasted my money.)

How did this book get published without better editing? It reads like it went straight to print from a typewriter. Maybe instead of aspiring to be a published writer, I should aim for being a publishing editor.

* “When there’s a bad tape, I throw it outside the window. One day I almost hit the Highway Patrol car that was right next to me ” – Esther Wong


One thought on “From good books to bad books

  1. Well C2, perhaps the weak prose in this book is a sign that there is much room for improvement in the quality of asian-american lit. It might not be as hard as you think to get something you write published.

    carpe diem

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