Response #2 to “Bad Call, MTC”

I don’t read so good. I didn’t catch the significance of this in MTC’s repsonse to my comments:

“Since you already have a transponder, I won’t bother telling you about the instructions on our Web site. “

When I sent in my forms to apply for the hybrid car-pool lane sticker, I went straight to the DMV website to download the forms, without passing GO to collect my $200 at the Bay Area Fastrak website. And of course the DMV website didn’t tell me that I had to exchange my existing regular transponder for a SPECIAL hybrid transponder. I had simply sent in a copy of my Fastrak account statement.

It wasn’t until today at dinner that Joe mentioned that we needed a special transponder that I went to look. Of course, he was right.

The following is quoted from their FAQ.

9. Can I use my hybrid transponder with my other vehicle, or use my “regular” transponder with my hybrid vehicle?

No. Your hybrid transponder can only be used in your hybrid vehicle. You cannot use your hybrid transponder in a non-hybrid vehicle, nor can you use your “regular” transponder in your hybrid vehicle.

What. The. Sam. Hill.
MTC’s scheme for this whole thing is more harebrained than I could ever give them credit for. (You want to know what’s scary? Way back in my salad days, I used to work for them. Shudder.)

The nice thing about the transponders before the hybrid issue is that you could get one and use them interchangeably between all your cars, so long as all the cars were registered to it. The transponder is attached by little velcro strips to the windshield. I only cross the bridges several times a year, so while I don’t mind a $40 deposit riding on one transponder, I’ll be damned if I have to get 2 transponders, one for each car, because I don’t know which car I’ll be taking to cross whatever bridge it is I might cross. It’s not that I can’t afford it, it’s the principle.


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