At least he bikes!

Saw the “40-Year-Old Virgin” last week. It was much more entertaining and hilarious than I expected. The main character isn’t only unusual for remaining involuntarily celibate for 40 years, he also does not have a driver’s license while living in LA, and gets around by bicycle. No doubt the screenwriter threw that in to make him seem more of an oddball, but I couldn’t help thinking that it actually made him more ‘cool,’ and worthy of admiration.

There were quite a few scenes of him with his bike, which might help spread the message amongst the mainstream about the do’s and don’t’s of safe cycling

“Do’s” that the film got right:
1) Wear a helmet.
2) Use headlights on your bike when riding at night.
3) He’s shown walking into his workplace with the front wheel, the implication being: Lock up your bike’s rear wheel and frame, and remove the front wheel to take with you to deter theft.
4) Tuck in your pants’ cuff into your sock, so that it doesn’t snag on the chain

A minor “don’t” that the film did wrong:
1) He’s show wearing dark clothing while biking at night. Even with a headlight and tail light, it’s not very safe, because dark clothes are less visible. While cycling at night, you should wear white or light-coloured clothing, because it’s easier for other drivers to see. Even if it’s a basic white T-shirt worn inside out over all your other clothes, to maximize the visibility of the white expanse.

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