The season of giving

I was about to trot out another version of gift-giving gripes. Then I decided to spare you all, and keep it short.

If you happen to be checking out this site in search of ideas of what to give us for Christmas, let me suggest you make a donation to one of the following non-profit organizations/charities. Or you can take the $15 you were going to spend on the snowman-shaped candle that smells like vanilla-peppermint-lemon, and donate it the charity of your choice (It saves you hassle in buying and wrapping the gift, and it saves us time to return it.)

Wouldn’t you rather contribute to someone’s necessities, rather than give luxuries to two bozos like us?

Purple Bamboo Orchestra : The only Chinese orchestra in an American public elementary school
California Missions : A part of our history… and our road trips
Heifer: Based on a cool premise: The recipient of the heifer (or other livestock) has to give the offspring to other people who also need livestock
Hidaya Foundation: Helping victims of the earthquake in Pakistan/Kashmir, who are suffering in the bitter, bitter cold.

(Besides, I’ve already gone and bought myself all the Christmas presents I want this year. Maybe I can give Joe a new bookcase for Christmas.)



One thought on “The season of giving

  1. gave it all to tax franchise board. no fruitcakes this year.


    The taxman’s taken all my dough
    and left me in my stately home
    lazing on a sunny afternoon.
    And I can’t sail my yacht
    he’s taken ev’rything I’ve got;
    all I’ve got’s this sunny afternoon…

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